Tree Trimming and Removal


Got a tree that's overstayed its welcome?

If you have a tree growing too close to your house or power lines, we can remove it. You can stop worrying about a falling tree damaging your property.

You'll be glad you called on us for tree removal services because...

  • We'll examine the tree and your yard carefully. We'll then decide on the best plan of action and give you an exact price for the work.
  • Safety is our highest priority. We won't damage your yard or house while removing the tree.
  • Our crew can take on any job. We have the equipment to take down any type or size of tree.
  • We can take care of stump grinding on the same day as the tree removal.

Call 678-675-2267 to arrange for tree removal services in the Canton & Woodstock, GA area.

Keep Your Trees Under Control

Schedule tree trimming services in the Canton & Woodstock, GA area by calling Southern Pro Tree Service

Trees can develop all kinds of problems as they grow. Dead limbs can fall off and the tree can become too heavy to support itself. Southern Pro Tree Service can keep your trees standing tall and growing strong with tree trimming services. We'll make precise cuts to remove problem branches using our Nifty Lift. This machine helps us get into difficult areas to trim trees using a spikeless method. With a 70 foot reach, our Nifty Lift can help us in removing trees safely as well.

We provide tree trimming services in Canton & Woodstock, Georgia and surrounding areas. Keep your property and your family safe from falling branches by scheduling tree trimming today.