Grading and Drainage


Can't Cope With the Slope? Call Southern Pro Tree Service

Level your ground with land grading services in Canton & Woodstock, GA or surrounding areas

Laying a solid foundation requires even, level ground. Take advantage of land grading services if your lot isn't level. Southern Pro Tree Service operates with the proper equipment that can clear your land and grade it properly. We'll remove debris and level the terrain to prepare for your landscaping or construction project.

Get a free estimate on land grading services in Canton & Woodstock, Georgia or surrounding areas by calling us at 678-675-2267.

Make sure runoff flows away from your house

Water pooling around your foundation can cause serious damage. Southern Pro Tree Service can create effective property drainage solutions. We'll sculpt your land to ensure that water runs off your property and doesn't flood your house. We can also dig trenches to help channel water away and reduce erosion.

Take control of the runoff on your land with property drainage services in the Canton & Woodstock, GA area.