Stump Grinding


Has Tree Removal Left You Stumped?

Clean up your yard with stump grinding services in the Canton & Woodstock, GA area provided by Southern Pro Tree Service

So, you had trees cut down and removed, but now there are stumps littering your yard. Southern Pro Tree Service can remove them. We offer stump grinding services in Canton & Woodstock, GA and surrounding areas. We'll grind the stump into chips until it's smooth and level with your yard surface.

Stump grinding is an important final step to tree removal because...

  • Stumps can pose a tripping hazard
  • Stumps can become a habitat for pests
  • Stumps are unsightly and take up valuable space

Prepare for your landscaping project by cleaning up your yard. Contact Southern Pro Tree Services to arrange for stump removal in the Canton & Woodstock, Georgia area.

We can handle any size job

No stump is too tough for Southern Pro Tree Service.

Our crew uses specialized equipment to grind stumps into chips. We can get rid of any size stump in any location. Once your stump has been removed, we'll clean up your yard and haul away the debris.

Arrange for stump removal services by calling us at 678-675-2267.